Wednesday, June 27, 2012


J-Doll Artemis by Groove

I've decided to keep her name, Artemis.  It seems to suit her.  She was the second doll I had opened on my birfday.  I love the whole antique doll look going on, without the freaky factor that some real antique dolls have.  I've also recently fallen in love with taking pictures during sunset, when the sun shines with a soft glow through my living room windows.  Kinda cool effect.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Happy Birthday! And the setting sun works perfectly with her antique feel! Very lovely lighting.

    Two dollies for your birthday?! So lucky!! XD

  2. Hello from Spain: Doll Artemis is very beautiful. You're right that she has antique doll look. A very nice gift for your birthday ... Keep in touch


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