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Doll Epic recounts my journey in doll collecting.  I am an overall toy enthusiast. I like immortalizing my dolls through pictures. I believe that play and wonder shouldn't be restricted to a certain age group. Life is too short to be living it as a serious adult. I like to laugh. I like to sing. I like to eat chocolate...a little too much. If I were a character in a Sailor Moon universe, I'd be the tenth soldier of an unknown planet, with the double-edged sword and sparklies all over for trendy purposes. I believe that basic food groups should all start in 'ch', as in chocolate, chips, cheese, chicken...chinese food...etc. etc. I like sci-fi/fantasy, ancient history and world mythologies. I'm secretly a demigod with powers in eternal hibernation. My perfect world consists of a happy me surrounded by the people and things I love, surrounded by people and things that love them and make them happy. If I could sum up my life as a song it would probably be a sad one about challenges and heartaches...but then again, I really am a sucker for sad songs.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope I've entertained you somewhat with some of my ramblings.