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Looking back...

Another year gone and all the best intentions I had for this blog with it. I started out last year with the greatest of intentions to get actively blogging again. Didn't quite work out. Still here though. And my silence in the dolliverse didn't at all mean that I wasn't actively collecting and seeking out dolls. It still rained Poppy Parker in my home. I'm actually slightly Poppied out at the moment. Below are a few of the non-Poppy girls that entered my home.

Three great dolls worthy of separate blog posts when I got them. But I was too lazy. Oopsies...

On another note, bigger dolls entered my doll collecting world too... and with a vengeance. After having worked for a local doll company that rivaled the American Girl dolls, Maplelea, I now have two Maplelea dolls on top of two American Girl dolls I had from a few years back. For big dolls, that's a lot. I'd even fallen in love with A Girl for All Time dolls that I had to have one. That's already one AGAT…

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