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Welcome to little Nunu's humble abode.
Her home, which she co-owns with twin sister Chloe and older sister, Syren, has been in construction since forever and a half....

The dollhouse is a Newport model by Real Good Toys.  It was built and repainted  from the pre-cut materials in the kit.  To little Nunu's dismay, since my doll collecting went into full gear, the house was never quite finished.  Maybe one day...


It was definitely a lot of fun to build and paint. No wallpapers was decided, resulting in a lot of painting fun.


At one point there was a plan for a room extension so the trims on one side never came up.  And then, a hole in the dining room wall was cut in place of a door that was suppose to lead to the extension.  The room extension never happened....But it still looks finished-ish, right?


The entire house is wired for lighting but the wires are all still hanging loosely at the back bottom of the dollhouse.


Still missing the baseboards and crown moulding.  I've got the materials but cutting them at the right angles is another story.  Please excuse the unmatched rug in the bathroom and the mess little Nunu and friends left behind....

What's this?
A new friend is about to visit!
She wishes you a wonderful day!