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Adventures in Dressmaking

...Doll dressmaking that is.  I've decided to be brave and try my hand at making my own clothes for my dolls.  Unfortunately, my talent goes as far as purchasing beautiful dolls.  I didn't even know how to work the mini sewing machine I had gotten at Christmas.  Luckily, a co-worker of mine can sew (Hi, Luchie!).  And so, my sewing adventure began with a sewing test run of a simple dress pattern by Dressmaker Details, care of Luchie's experienced hands! 

Here is the skirt pattern traced  on an old uniform for the test run.  There's nothing more therapeutic than seeing a uniform you were never fond of to begin with cut into pieces!

Skirt pattern being stitched together.

Skirt pattern coming to life.

Skirt tried on 35th Anniversary Repro Barbie on left and Lingerie #5 Silkstone Barbie on right.

The bodice coming to existence.

Bodice tried on L5 Silkstone.

Bodice and skirt being sewn together.

Dress sheath tried on minus the back closure as this is a test run. 

As a visual learner, now that I've seen someone else do it, I look forward to a dress sheath made by my own hands.  With my past record in home economics class back in grade school (failed by a teacher who couldn't even spell 'spaghetti'), I'm a little anxious.  But, hey, practice supposedly makes perfect!  May MY finished product end up looking like an actual dress sheath!