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Liv Doll by Spin Master

Although I mostly collect adult collector dolls, as an enthusiast of everything doll, I gave in to temptation and bought myself a Liv doll.  I wanted to know what all the fuss was about.  Apparently she's a quality-made doll sold wherever dolls are sold for a reasonable price.

I'd like to take better pictures later on but right now, here's my Liv doll in her original clothes wearing the second wig that came in her package. 

Her body is nicely articulated for a $20 doll, which I think is her greatest appeal.  Speaking of appeal, I wasn't a big fan of her head at the beginning because I thought it was too big for her body....I still think so but her face is pretty so you kinda get over the 'bigness'.  After all, the Blythe doll has an even more humungous head and she's doing quite fine with a trail of doll collectors fawning over her cuteness.  

(Liv doll photo taken with flash)

Her eyes are a bit trickier to discuss.  My Liv doll's eyes looks centred.  However, I did have to search through quite a bit of dolls on the shelf to find her.  I thought most of the other ones looked cross-eyed.  Not all of them but a good sum of them.  If I was a kid I don't think I'd find it much of an issue.  It does gives her a bit of character but I am particular with my dolls so I had to find one with the most centred eyes.  I like that they're made of glass.  That's different for a playline doll.

Honestly, when I first heard of this supposedly good quality articulated doll, I thought, 'Great. If I liked the body enough, I could behead her and use that body for another doll'.  Right now I'm thinking she's a pretty cool doll that she needs a new Liv doll friend.  She looks like she's in good enough shape for rough playing by little excited hands and with a pair of scissors, and still be good enough for posing in a doll photographer's world.  Maybe I'll experiment with her one of these days but she's so much fun to play with, especially those wigs, that I can't bear to do that at the moment.

Even her outfit is nicely made minus the velcro closures.  I hate those damn things but I guess it's easier for children to undress and redress with this type of closure.  Also, the fashion design is chic and modern.  Here's Electropop Aria Dynamite Girl modelling Liv's attire.

Overall, I thought my $20 was well spent.  She's a playline doll worthy of playtime hours of fun.