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A Look Back at 2009!

I'm jumping in with both feet and starting a blog about my adventures in Doll Land!  More for my personal enjoyment than anything, this will be a great outlet to share my collection and tales of my acquisitions.

To kickstart my madness, here are photos of some light-haired ladies that I acquired last year... having their own New Year celebration with some Chinese food, I might add.  

Although my doll collection began with Barbie and stayed as such for a number of years, 2009 was my great year for expansion to other fashion dolls.  I had looked at fashion dolls by Jason Wu for some time but it wasn't until last year when I saw Eltin (doll on far right in black) that I decided to purchase outside of my Mattel spendings.  Wu's glamorous Fashion Royalty line, while a seemingly thought out doll line, just wasn't tickling my fancy.  I found the dolls too snobbish-looking with their overdone make-up and pouty expressions.  His Dynamite Girls had a milder impression so I began there.  And with my inclination towards platinum haired dolls, Eltin was perfect for my first Integrity Toys doll purchase.  It was love at first sight and she was quickly followed by a few other sisters from the same Electro Pop series.  

As my confidence grew in the Wu collection, I combed through the net for other information regarding his dolls.  That's when I found Misaki (doll on far left in white), the Fashion Royalty doll exclusive to Japan.  Misaki was unlike her Fashion Royalty counterpart on the other side of the globe.  Her eyes were bigger and she was overall chic but with a toned down make-up and facial features that seem ageless altogether.  In my eyes, her only flaw is her price.  

Having enjoyed an exploration of different fashion dolls aside from Barbie in 2009, slowly but surely, more and more other types of collector dolls  will be making their way into my house this year.

Here are some of Pure Evil Misaki's close-ups: