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Pillow Talk

So, it's my day off and I have some reading materials from work that need some reading.  Naturally, I pulled out a needle and a spool of thread and started sewing.  I haven't been able to work my mini sewing machine.  I fear that I've already busted it before it could create wonderful mini outfits for me so this time around my hands had to do the work.  Today, I created a pillow for my dolls.  Yes, one only but I'm still proud at how it turned out!

Not bad for somebody who usually wouldn't touch a needle with a ten foot pole.  In fact, the latest addition to my doll collection, Poppy, was impressed enough to pose with it!

Poppy's quite the poser....

And she's definitely not camera shy....

I think the pillow likes her a lot.


  1. i think so too....the pillow LOVES her SOOOOO much....hahhahaha



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