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Poppy Parker

I received my very first Poppy Parker yesterday.  She reminds me of a poutier-lipped Misaki.  I am very pleased with her despite her humungous hands that is a trait I not only found on her but also my Misaki and FR Nu Face doll.  Lately I've been very curious about what the real differences are with these dolls by the same doll maker: Integrity Toys.  So far I like what I see.  Poppy even came in a pretty see-thru box tied in a pink ribbon on the side.  Talk about presentation!  Even my silkstone Barbies were never that nicely boxed.

And so, here is my redhead Forget-me-not Poppy.  As nice as her box was, I couldn't allow her to stay in there forever.  

Out of all the pictures that I took, this was the only one that came out looking decent.  I really have to find a better way to photograph my dolls properly.