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2010 W Club Unveiling Event

What an interesting toy event it was!  First of all, I didn't have to move from my chair to attend it, which in itself is a great plus if you knew what a couch potato I am.  And secondly, there were so many beautiful dolls unveiled.  As a new W club member and Integrity Toys doll collector, I really didn't know what to expect so I was just in for the ride.  After seeing what I saw, I found myself more excited than ever for the release dates of these dolls than the 2010 Barbie line I have seen so far.  Mattel dolls seem to reflect safe and traditional while the Wu dolls, though vintage-inspired, are edgy, which I like.

Now I've been a fan of the Dynamite Girls since the Electropop collection.  This year they've had a bit of a facelift (...and leglift? Is that a word?) but remains colourful and fun!

(From left to right: Rufus Blue, Reese, Sooki, Gavin)

According to the poll taken at the event, Sooki and Reese were the favourites in the Dynamite Girls collection and I think I agree!  I've always thought Sooki was cute and Reese reminds me of a Black Francie.  For those who know me, Francie is my absolute favourite so Reese is a must-have!

The Poppy Parker collection was not quite what I expected.  I thought I would fall in love with all the dolls, since she's the most recent apple of my eye, but I only really fell for one.  I was hoping for a brunette bombshell but it was a platinum blonde that won me.  Here's Beatnik Blues Poppy:

Now here's a Poppy that should have been a part of the collection.  Unfortunately, she's just a prototype modelling the "A Night to Remember" fashion.  I hope the people at Integrity Toys reconsiders.  She's not the brunette Poppy I had hoped for but she's still the bomb!  I am very much reminded of the FR Misaki dolls that aren't always within my reach when I look at this photo.

Eden was my first FR Nu.Face doll last year.  This year, I am eyeing her supposed twin sister, Lilith.  I'm not too familiar with these FR dolls' storylines but I have read that Lilith had a more gothic style in the past.  This time she's a platinum blonde.  And I love her look even though she's wearing the dreaded colour, pink (maybe it's the bra thing)!   My partner Helen, who's not a doll collector, favours her over the rest shown during the event.  

Here's Lilith:

Here are a couple of other dolls from the FR Foundation collection that I wouldn't mind having.  I would never wear what they're wearing but their outfits are to die for that the dolls almost look like the accessories to the fashion rather than it being the other way around!

(Fire Within, Jordan doll)

(Tricks of the Trade, Eugenia Perrin Frost doll)

**All photos are property of Integrity Toys.**


  1. I have to disagree about the Fave DG,Mine would have to be Rufus and Gavin but then I'm a sucker for cute things and redheads! lol love the Jordan and Lilith dolls!


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