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Athena Barbie Doll

The most controversial doll from Mattel thus far has arrived.  I thought I'd dissect her good to see if she's really well worth the money despite the no-leg-inside-the-boot syndrome that caused a lot of doll collectors some distress.

Photo #1: The Box  
So far so good.  Excellent presentation in my opinion.

Photo #2: The Helmet  
Had to take her out of the box faster than you can say boo.  So here's the top of her head.  Not much to say except that her ear looks a bit dirty here from tiny strands of loose hair I found. 

Photo #3: The Breast Plate
Some nice details.  I love the owls.  Because I heard her armour was made of plastic before I received her, I was afraid it would look cheap.  Alas, I was wrong.  This photo clearly states it. Even the dress she's wearing looks like real metal chain mail...but it isn't.

Photo #4: Armoured Arm
Again, some wonderful details present here.  For plastic material, it turned out nicely.  You can sort of see the chain around her waist in the background.  That one is real metal.

Photo #5: The Shield
I love how the Medusa doll's face, the first in this fantasy goddesses series, is carved on this one.  It gives the entire look such drama.  I had only hoped that the shield at least would be made of metal as the Medusa's snakes were on the first doll. Maybe I'm asking for too much on that.  Anyway, it still looks cool.

Photo #6:  The Boots
I didn't care much to take good shots of the bane to Athena Barbie doll's existence.  I think most barbie doll collectors are now familiar with the boot-and-half-a-leg photo in another forum.  And I'm not about to disable my doll.  There's enough trauma going around....All I can say is they don't bother me at all.  And that's because I prefer to leave Athena as is.

Photo #7:  Athena's Close-up
Beautiful.  Not exactly like the promo pics but she comes close.  I love how her eyelashes are wispy at the corners of her eyes (Medusa's were a bit thick all around for my liking).  Her hair is black and actually tied back.  The red hair coming out of the helmet is separate.  

Photo #8:  Full Body Shot
Since I can't have a beautiful Xena warrior princess doll, Athena will have to do for now!

Photo #9-12:  Athena and Medusa
There are actually three dolls in this series.  The second doll is Aphrodite but I wasn't liking her look so it's just Athena and Medusa in these shots.  

To conclude, I think Athena is worth it.  I give a five thumbs up (if I had five thumbs) to Linda Kyaw for her extraordinary designs.  I hope this series continues on.


  1. Athena is my favourite Greek Goddess! Really, Mattel has done an excellent job. The doll is so beautiful and detailed!! :)


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