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Dolls on Parade

There comes a time in a collector's life when one notices how much has been accumulated, naturally followed by the sense of a need to arrange and rearrange stuff around in order to reduce, or at the very least, organize clutter.  Yesterday, I came to this conclusion.  

My dolls are growing in number and I've just been shoving them inside glass cabinets with no rhyme or reason.  I've depended so much on the fact that glass shelves make collections look good.  But it isn't always so as I now realize.  So, I've taken some out of the cabinets to try and reorganize by type and colour.

Problem no.1:  
There wasn't enough of any same colored outfits.

Problem no.2: 
There's either too much or too little of different types to fit certain slots.

Problem no.3:  
I'm completely overwhelmed by this undertaking that a lot of dolls and accessories are left to parade on the floor, temporarily homeless, thanks to my fussy decision-making.

Even the dolls look confused.

I'm sure if doll shoes could talk, they'd also express their confusion.

The 'upside' to this tale:  Two interesting black and white pics.