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Fierce Dolls Continued

I'm absolutely enjoying my new Athena doll.  I had to do another photo shoot with her new best friend Medusa and another fierce doll in my collection, the Pirate Barbie, renamed Meia after one of the sexy pirates from Vandread (a Japanese anime - awesome, awesome anime if you're into that kind of thing!).  

First off, the close-ups:
Despite her "cyborg-ness" with that leg issue, could Athena be any more beautiful?

Perseus might have killed her in Greek Mythology but she's revived and still smokin' hot in the Barbie world!

Avast!  She be th' fiercest doll in m' collection!  And she doesn't need to be a goddess of wisdom and war to pull it off!

Here she is showing what she's got to an olympian goddess.
What I like about the Pirate Barbie is she looks like she can kick major ass and still look beautiful doing it...without a hair out of place! (...I didn't realize her ruffles were folded when I took this next shot until afterwards...Whoops!)

Now the group shot:

And just because Medusa refuses to be overshadowed by any doll...


  1. you know who's missing from your fierce dolls?the hero...."DARNA"......hahhahahhahha

  2. Medusa is worth about $1000, sometimes more, in her package.

  3. Holy crap, Amanda, I just checked ebay and nearly had a heart attack! That's one expensive doll!

  4. I saw pics in the net, Athena doesn't have legs, that made me sad =C

  5. Wow, I didn't realize how great the Pirate Barbie looks. Do you know which face sculpt/mold she uses. Her lips have a different shape, IMO.

  6. The Pirate remains to be my favorite Barbie. She definitely deserves more appreciation. I'm not sure what sculpt the Pirate Barbie uses but I'm pretty sure she shares it with the Model Muse Nikki doll.


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