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For the Love of Articulation

I loooooove doll photography.  I've seen such wonderful doll photos by some really talented folks out there.  Some of the more expressive ones, I find, are those of dolls that are highly poseable.  Being a Barbie collector first, I never felt that joy of dolly articulation until my first Dynamite Girl purchase.  Looking at an old pic of Eltin, her first photo shoot in fact, made me wish all my other barbies were just as articulated.  Such poseability opened up a whole new world of possibilities for my doll photography....Now if I can only find a way to always have good lighting without shelling out big bucks for professional lighting equipment, that would be so awesome!

Here's Eltin's pic of yore, rockin out like the rockstar that she is:

And here's one of Rufus, in Eltin's rockstar outfit.  I thought the blue-to-blue look was funky.  This is one of my favorite pics.  I couldn't bond with Rufus in the beginning until this marvelous shot.  She didn't need intense posing but I thought she out-rocked Eltin on this one....Don't tell Eltin!