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Mame Momoko: an Eltin tale

The search for the perfect ensemble for Eltin began over a year ago when I took her out of her box and realized she looked more like an Abba group member wannabe than her own rockstar identity.  Not that there's anything wrong with Abba but Eltin screamed a change from her Abba tendencies.  So, being the doting doll owner that I am, I complied with her wishes and began the hunt .  

There had been many mix n' matches of doll clothes but nothing spoke to me as "Eltin".  I eventually had to turn to my best friend for help: the internet.  But even e(vil)bay was failing me...until one fateful day when I visited a site I normally surfed to drool over things I can't have. Bic Global Shop, a Japanese doll shop was having a sale.  One of the items on sale was an outfit originally worn by a Momoko doll.  Momoko is an articulated Japanese fashion doll slightly shorter than Barbie.  The picture, however, showed the outfit worn, not by Momoko, but by a Misaki doll.  That's when the lightbulb flicked on!  If it fits Misaki, it fits a Dynamite Girl, hence, Eltin!  The outfit was cute and the price was excellent.  Not to mention I had stuff on preorder from forever ago with free shipping, thanks to the W club perks.  Normally this is when I say the rest is history.   The story, in fact, continues.

(Picture on left: Promo shot of Momoko as "Kana" [Jrock singer] with Mame Momoko)

Forever ago later, I received my package.  The outfit got a nod of praise from Eltin.  Ironically, the outfit was based on something a famous Jrock singer Kana would wear.  Being a rockstar herself, Eltin couldn't be more pleased.  Plus, she fell in love with Mame Momoko, the little doll that came with her outfit.  She calls her Peach, which is derived from the word "momo" of the name "Momoko", the Japanese name for peach.  

Without further ado, here's Peach:

She's a fiesty 3.5 inch of a doll with a surprisingly detailed outfit and damn big hair....all the things my Eltin seems to adore!  See for yourself!

Eltin is enjoying Peach so much, Peach's popularity has spread among my other wee ones.


  1. my trolls wants to meet Peach tinny tiny!!!

  2. She likes being the popular girl on the block. Peach would love to meet your trolls! Hahaha!


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