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Reborn "Posh Girl" Misaki

After a few months of waiting, I finally received the Misaki I had pre-ordered from Kazue at Bic Global Shop.  She would be the second Misaki I have ever owned.  Like Pure Evil Misaki, she does not disappoint in aesthetic appeal or what I call, the cuteness factor.  But unlike Pure Evil, she's a reborn version of the official released Misaki doll called Posh Girl.  Her hair, which was originally a wavy shoulder length orange is now a frizzy and much longer black color with reddish orange streaks, giving her a punkier look rather than posh.  While the original was cute, I thought the 'reborn' version was more edgy but retains her cuteness.  She was an excellent counterpart to Pure Evil.

These Misaki dolls are so gorgeous!  If I didn't have self-control, I think I'd go completely broke with these babies!  They do cost a pretty penny, especially when shipped from abroad so I told myself that one Misaki a year will have to do until I find my way to winning millions from the lottery...which won't happen.

Enter Fizz....that's what I named her after the namesake of her "rebirth".  She looks quite innocent even though her ribbons make her look like she's got horns!


  1. Enhorabuena, por haber conseguido la preciosa muñequita, seguro que tienes suerte, te toca la loteria y compras muchisimas mas (no pierdas la esperanza)
    besitos ascension


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