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Food Miniatures

While I know today is Mother's day, this blog entry has nothing to do with moms.  Although, I suppose, if I were to really try and make a connection, occasions as such does make a gal like me hungry, ergo, the topic, food miniatures!

I've been a fan of miniatures since I seriously pursued the doll collecting hobby and to me nothing says fun like food miniatures!  There can only be so many miniature coffee bar designs out there.  At the end of the day, it's still just a mini coffee bar...But with food....there's cookies, cakes, burgers, soups, bread rolls, whip cream.....Well, you get the idea.

Yesterday, I went to Pacific Mall in Markham for browsing purposes and happily left with a box of Rement miniatures.  Rement is famous for very realistic food minis.  Just take a look at this zoomed in burger!

Tasty-looking right?  Detailed to the last sesame seed on the burger bun!  And this burger is just a little bigger than the size of your thumb.  If you are hamburger lover like I, I dare you to look at this food miniature and not salivate!  

Here's another one:

I don't particularly fancy onion rings but I do like fries and I do like them with lots of ketchup!  

I continue to be impressed by the realism Rement bring to food miniatures.  I'd be even more impressed if they didn't make my debit card cry.  But, I suppose the price is right for the life-like details you get.  I've purchased some Orcara food miniatures in the past and while they're pretty to look at, they don't compare to the Rement ones when it comes to great detail.