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Gardening Fantasy

The sun was out!  Today was a perfect day for doll photography with natural light....So, my partner and I did some gardening!  Heehee!  The temperature is just right at about 21C.  While the doll room is a pile of mess of late, working on our front lawn seemed like a better idea at the moment.  We got some roses to plant on our front as we've missed the ones that grew in front of my parents' house before we moved out a year ago.

Here they are on our steps, waiting to be planted.  I took these pictures with my laptop so they aren't the greatest but I was too lazy to document them with a real camera.

Here's where they're going.

Here's my girl, getting the soil in my lovingly shaped thingymabob.  We could have done a plain circle but why make things easier for ourselves when we could have a cool blob-shaped one!

And the pretty roses are in!  Well, they're not too pretty without the flowers...but once they grow, they'll be beautiful!  The armillary trellis (trellis being a new word I learned today) will be something for the red roses to climb on when they grow!

We need more soil but tomorrow is another day....

The watering began....

In other news that has nothing to do with gardening, Integrity Toys has released photos of the new Nu Fantasy dolls.  These are Japan exclusive dolls based on the tales of Snow White and Rose Red.

Cute in their own right but not quite to par with the previous Nu Fantasy dolls, Wild Wolf Kumi and Red Riding Hood Yuri....

(photos courtesy of Integrity Toys)

These two dolls are going to be forever in my list of holy grails.  Waaaaaay too pricey for my liking...Maybe one day when my future career as a lottery winner takes off!