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Glimmer of Gold Barbie

She came a week or so ago.  I just didn't get a chance to post....Truthfully, I'd somewhat forgotten about her.  She's not the typical doll I would get.  My silkstones were normally the only dolls allowed to be ultra chic in my collection.  All the other ones had to have some sort of "edginess" about them, like the Pirate Barbie.

Ok, the facts:  She's a Barbie Club Exclusive.  She's a platinum label, meaning there's only a thousand of her made ever.  She's the second platinum in the series, after Splash of Silver, which I do not have.  Her face is a new Christian Louboutin face mold, grecian and egyptian mix inspired from Louboutin's personal travels.  She is designed by Robert Best.  Her dress is grecian inspired after Louboutin's face mold vision.  She's also tanned!

One thing I do like about Glimmer of Gold is her dress.  It looks like a bunch of lace ribbons wrapped around her.  I'm sure that very reason turned away others from getting her but it was the reason I took a chance on her.  The dress is not something you see everyday and upon close inspection, it really is well-made.  I like its uniqueness.

The face mold is something I'm still a bit "if-fy" with.  I'm not completely in love with it.  At first I thought it was a bit "mannish".  But then I thought, maybe it was the hair.  Looking at these pictures, however, has me convinced she's very lady-like.  Her features are just very her nose.  She's definitely an acquired taste to me.

To say the least, she's not one I jumped up in sheer joy for.  She does have her pros and cons.  Nu Face Eden has already stripped her naked to try on that dress....But that's another story....


  1. I think the dress is very chic. I see the folded
    material look everywhere. She is just the right tone to pull off the white. CM

  2. Heehee, shows how much I know about the fashion industry with these funky dresses! But I, too, think her tan is a nice touch to the entire look of the doll!


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