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I'm really not a very big fan of the color pink.  As much as I like Barbie, I actually find it quite irritating that her color motif is pink.  I do, however, adore dolls with outrageous hair colors and admit to having a soft spot for dolls with pink hair.  During an awesome sale at the Barbie Collector shop, I decided to get the Tarina Tarantino doll.  She arrived last week and just recently had her first photo shoot with Aria.

Since they both have such fun colored hairs, I thought I'd dress them with fun colored outfits too.  The clothes are a mix of this and that from the Electropop Dynamite Girls collection except for the rainbow top on Aria, which is from a My Scene doll and the baby pink top on the Tarina doll, which came with her originally .  I kept Tarina's accessories on her minus the beaded bangles that I had Aria wearing instead.  Aria's funky necklace was made by a Barbie friend from the one time I had participated in a "doll exchange" event  at the Barbie club forum last year.  The sunglasses...I don't remember...I got so many various ones that I'm really not organized enough to keep track!

My partner thinks the Steffie face mold on the Tarina Tarantino doll is a bit silly for her liking because of  the lips.  She admits to having an unfading adoration for silkstone dolls...and Lilith and Eden.  I think the puckered lips is part of the doll's charm!   And I love that the close-up shot on the last photo shows how equally beautiful the two dolls are, pink hair and all, despite their manufacturing differences!


  1. They are both gorgeous! I have both of them, and Tarina is my favorite doll ever!


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