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Coral Enters the Scene!

There are a bunch of goodies I had received for my birthday yesterday from my ever-so-doting partner in crime that I wouldn't mind sharing.  But, I got Palm Beach Coral and I think she deserves her own blog entry.  She's a silkstone doll at its best.  Sure her legs are slightly splayed as others have pointed out.  However, her facial screening and overall look is too die for that a little splayed legs can be easily forgotten.

She's the last in the Palm Beach BFMC collection this year and she wraps it up wonderfully!  She looks so regal that she reminds me of my Joyeux silkstone in a tanned, dark-haired sort of way.  (Click here to see Joyeux.)  The white dress is absolutely beautiful, intricately detailed and fully lined inside.

This is what Coral is wearing underneath the white dress.  It's rare to see a silkstone doll in pants.  The only other one I recall is Hollywood Hostess.  I wouldn't mind seeing more of these ladies in dress pants.  Since the silkstone dolls represent a modern take on vintage Barbie, I wouldn't mind taking that idea up a notch with more pants in future collections.