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Dani in Wonderland

The latest Tim Burton film, Alice in Wonderland, inspired the following pictures of Dani:

Dani's whimsical attire is a Blythe outfit I had gotten from ebay.  There was a time when I combed through the internet searching for modern outfits for my Francie dolls.  It eventually led me to Blythe because their body types were somewhat similar and she had the funkiest wardrobe ever.  When I saw this dress, I just had to have it....In the end, Francie never wore it.  And since I never owned a Blythe, it was put away among other dolly things.  I was surprised that it fit a Dynamite Girl body at all.  It's a bit tight on Dani's chest as Francie and Blythe both have a smaller bust but overall I think Dani carried the outfit well.