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Freeze Frame Avantguard

Freeze Frame is finally here!  She breaks the record as the tallest doll in my collection at around 16".  I don't have bad things to say about her except that I wish her wig had more hair.  And I could have done without the hair bow.

I love how her make-up is more subtle, unlike the other avantguard dolls that I've seen.  I also had to strip her of her white dress right away because I find the lingerie thing prettier.  Forgive my fashion vocabulary; I really don't know much about the lingo!

She came with an extra pair of hands and feet that are articulated.  I'll have to take a picture of those at some point when I find use for them.  I still have to get used to her articulation and the whole wig idea.  Right now, I'm just enjoying her as is.  I look forward to finding other wigs for her in the future.  I tried some Liv doll wigs on her but they're a bit big on her head.  She does look good as a blonde though....

Happy June everyone!