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In Comes the Outsider Misaki

I've had my eye on The Outsider Misaki since I stumbled over pictures of the FR Nippon Gothic Dream Collection while surfing the net.  And now she's mine!  That's right!  I caved!  I said, just one Misaki a year but I quickly broke that self-proclaimed promise after seeing her available at the Bic shop.

Presenting The Outsider who I've now renamed Sid, coined from the doll's namesake....

Her make up is so subtle, almost nude, if not for the slight shimmer around her eyes, which does make the color of her eyes stand out.  Her blue hair was a nightmare when I first took her out of the box as they literally stood on end but it was nothing water couldn't fix.  I dipped her hair in boiling water, combed it down, air-dryed and just constantly re-wetted for these shots.  It's much tamer now.

I don't think she knows how to take bad pictures.  And her outfit is something I would absolutely wear if it was in people size...assuming it was affordable of course!

Well, it's decided!  She now tops my Top 8 Fave Dolls of the Moment and I think she'll be there for a long while.

The motorcycle was borrowed from Cloud of Final Fantasy but it sure seems like it was made for Sid!