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Summer Doll Hoarding

I just received an email from my doll dealer that my Tricks of the Trade Eugenia has arrived....a couple of days after we were just there buying me birthday presents.  I've been curious about this particular doll as I've never owned one in the original Fashion Royalty body plus her outfit kicks ass.  There was a real life photo of her on ebay that seems very promising so I'm excited.  This year most of the dolls I want are being released in the summertime.  I feel like such a hoarder with all these releases!  I can only imagine when the end of July comes.  Happy crazy times but overwhelming at times.

Signing off with a photo of my Tweed Indeed silkstone (I think I named her Candice at one point) sporting a Dressmaker Details cocktail sheath, one of the goodies from my birthday two days ago: