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AvantGuard Outdoors

Took these pictures of Freeze Frame on a windy afternoon last week.   She has now been renamed Zef for short.  I quite enjoy taking her outdoors.  Because she's bigger than my other dolls, I find it easier to manage her poses.  I think her and the mushroom have become excellent friends. :)

I'm still surprised at how much I enjoy this doll more than I ever thought I'd enjoy the AvantGuards.  Too bad she doesn't have anyone in my collection to swap clothes with, unlike Barbie and friends.  Right now, she is sporting an outfit I had gotten from ebay.  Though a perfect fit, it was originally made for the Antoinette Tonner doll.  The wig was one of the goodies my partner had given me for my birthday.  It was a bit hard to keep her hair looking neat during this photo shoot because of the windy situation.