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Casual Couture

I've finally gotten a chance to own one of Donna's Doll Designs.  I've watched her creations come and go through ebay and her online store for some time now.  Once upon a time, I've even attempted to put a bid on one and failed to win miserably.  But, that's all in the past.  Here's a beautiful dress that I snagged from her online store called 'Casual Couture'.

The packaging itself was put together nicely.  I got so excited; I grabbed the first silkstone I could get my hands on and tried the outfit right away.

I don't believe I've introduced my doll, Honey, on this blog.  So, here she is, modelling a Donna creation.  The outfit has some kind of a 60's flare to it.  It's actually a two piece attire with snaps on the back that the red sash holds together for continuity.  It's very well made and perfectly fitted for a silkstone doll.  It definitely does not disappoint and you just can't go wrong when the price is right.

I fell in love with the print design on the outfit so there was no time to think when I saw this.  I snatched it and ran!  After all, her creations are often in limited edition.  And because they're so wonderful, they usually go faster than you can say boo!  Check out her site for samples of her past creations here.  

Keep up the excellent work, Donna!  My dolls hope to model more of your creations in the future!


  1. That's what I like about doll blogs -- you learn so much. Thanks

  2. I learn a lot from other doll blogs as well. It's my pleasure to return the favor once in a while! Thank you for leaving a comment!


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