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Miniature Monday #2

Today's miniature is a Japanese sword I found at Pacific Mall in Markham.  Sometimes, I find myself to be a walking contradiction.  I absolutely adore cute stuff.  I also feel the same way for deadly things such as weapons.  One room in my house contains mostly dolls and anime figures while a wall in the hallway  at the lower level is home for swords and other weapons.  Naturally, I sometimes like to see both combined in one setting.  What better way to do it than in miniature form for my dolls!

It wasn't completely to scale with the dolls I pictured it with in my head as it seems slightly shorter than I imagined.  So, let's just pretend that Ken is offering the sword to a short Francie, maybe....


  1. I love Ken's outfit. Did you make it?

  2. I wish I could say I did...unfortunately I'm not in any way talented at sewing. I got Ken's hakama off of an ebay store called Oriental Boutique. There's a bunch of kimonos there for dolls of different sizes. And they are priced moderately. Very well made too!


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