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Miniature Monday #3: Spray Painting Revisited

Remember my blog entry about Barbie furnitures here?  I've spray painted a few other ones.  Today's miniature feature is a playline Barbie dining set spray painted in my preferred colors of cream, black and silver.

The only ones I left in their original colors are the cutlery.  Gorgeous, right? I love the way these turned out.  The only thing about spray painting that I'm not too fond of are the inevitable imperfections like minor scratches and color splashes created by any slight mishandling or careless spraying.  The picture doesn't show it but a few of the chairs need touch-ups already after I sat a doll on them.

But enough about the not-so-good things.  The above photo shows off the best part of this set, which is the base of the table.  I absolutely love its shape.  Such drama.  It was originally black with gold glitter.  I thought the glitter made it look a bit cheap so I spray painted it pure black for a more chic look.

From the looks of it, Sooki and Dani are enjoying the changes too!  No pink furnitures for these dollies!  A mix of Rement food miniatures were used for their dining experience.  Bon appetit!


  1. Oooh, fantastic job with everything! You're right, that table base is gorgeous!

  2. Thank you. This was a fun project!


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