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Summer Fun

I wish I had a good sized backyard to create a more realistic 'fun-under-the-sun' type of setting.  For now, a night table covered by a white poster and diorama pieces will have to do.

Introducing Elden Roc...She's one of my few dolls with a full name.  Elden is a DollyStyle doll called Satin Moon Princess Lynn.  She's an original DollyStyle head mold on an Dynamite Girl body.  I find her permanent pout and imploring eyes charming.  I'm also a sucker for long hair.

As you can see, even though Elden pouts a lot, she's got a friend in Susie!

Of course, it helps that Susie is a camera whore, who will pose with anybody for a photograph!  Aria, in the background, can attest to that.

**Diorama pieces include a placemat that looks like bamboo, My Scene Tiki Lounge Playset, and Orcara miniature pieces.
**Aria's bathing suit was originally Skipper's while Susie and Elden's are both wearing Barbie's.

I hope everyone is keeping cool this summer!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your Blog! Added ya to my links and am now a happy follower, so many blogs to follow, but I love reading them ALL, great way to unwind! Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Living in an apartment, with no yard at all, I totally understand your frustration! I never missed it at all until I started taking pics of my dolls, lol! Your pics scream summer anyway-- I'd never know they were inside-- and you have the prettiest Susie I've ever seen! :)

  3. Thank you MJ. Blogging really is a great way to unwind.

    Smidge girl, I was never a big fan of backyards since I have no pets or kids running around and yard work is just not my cup of tea but since I started taking doll pictures, how I wish I had one....and then take it back to its owner when I'm done with it for the afternoon until the next time...Can I do that? Heehee!


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