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Tricks of the Trade Eugenia

I finally got pictures.  I must say she was a bit harder for me to photograph because I thought she looked angry in all of them as I was a bit pampered with my sweet faced Misakis and Dynamite Girls.  I did say before that I wasn't too interested in FR girls for this very reason.  Still, there does come a point in a collector's life (from time to time, actually) when curiosity and impulsive decision-making gets the better of her, thus, Tricks of the Trade Eugenia.

I was honestly drawn more to what she was wearing than anything else.  In my eyes, it was too funky to pass.  And then there was that inevitable tug at the back of my mind to give the actual doll a chance....Who could say no to those orange eyebrows????  Certainly not I!  And so, without further ado....

This doll photo of mine shows just how exact she is to the promo pic of her by Integrity Toys which I had blogged here...yes, napkin on her head included!

Here she is (angrily) showing the bling that came with her in the box.  I like the bracelet but I could have done with simpler earrings.  Those dangly things are just not my cup of tea.  Her hair is a wonderful shade of reddish brown, which I plan to let loose eventually.  I don't think I like it tied up too much.  With that facial expression she sure needs to loosen up and I'm starting with the hair!  She comes with another pair of hands that are of the normal variety.  According to my partner, this pair of hands look like they were dipped in tar or something.  There's nothing like an honest feedback from a non-collector!  Fortunately for me, I don't mind the tarred hands.  Call me strange but I like it!  Just like I like those orange brows!

A shot minus the fur and the headdress that freakily resembles a table napkin.  I didn't realize just how low cut the dress was until the fur was gone.  It just barely covers the nips department if her doll body had nips!

This is me trying to expose her further!  I wanted to see what made her body different from the other FR girls of mine.  Let's just say her waist is almost non-existent while her boobs are trying to compete with the size of her head.

I just realized I never took a picture of her with normal colored hands!  Oh well.  Aren't her shoes nice?  Overall, I'd say, I wasn't too wowed by her like I thought I would be.  I still think her outfit rocks but I just don't know how to take that extremely serious expression.

For a finale...because she looks half-enraged in all the photos I've taken....