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Wonder Woman Gets Hip!

I thought this was an interesting tidbit for those of you out there who grew up watching and reading the fantastic life of a comic icon, Amazon princess, Wonder Woman.  Earlier this July, she apparently had a wardrobe change.  She now looks like this:

No more star-spangled undies for this chick!  The new generation Diana Prince is all about the tight pants and motorcycle jacket.  What do you guys think?  I don't really mind her new look if she were a different superhero.  I kinda liked the old Wonder Woman the way she was.  I think we'd all find it weird if Superman started sporting a leather jacket and leather pants, you know....

Wonder Woman has had various Barbie doll incarnations throughout the years.  The latest one was in 2008.

Can you imagine Wonder Woman in any other outfit than the one Barbie is pictured as above?


  1. I agree. Wonder Woman first appeared in comics during World War II and she was patriotic first and foremost. During the 1970s a similar thing happened on television: they tried to "modernize" her as played in civilian dress by Kathy Lee Crosby. Luckily, Lynda Carter came along soon afterward and all was right with the world.


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