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Little Nunu's Dunkin Donut Adventure

Tim Hortons is to Canadians as Dunkin Donuts is to Americans.  That's the conclusion I came to realize as we drove around New Jersey and New York with Dunkin Donuts at every few blocks or so.  It naturally meant snapshots for Little Nunu.  My trusty 4-inch doll went solo on this adventure even though she originally came with two other friends on this trip.  It was just easier.

The next snap shows Nunu's eagerness to find out what we ordered for breakfast.

She was quite intrigued by the vanilla kreme donut that Tim Hortons in Canada does not carry.

And like myself, she wasn't quite as impressed with the coffee.  It needed two extra creams, two more than I normally put there.

But she liked the name of the donut holes or munchkins, which are the equivalent of timbits.

Now, for the merchandise...Nunu felt that her outfit blended in perfectly with them.



    Sorry I didn't check sooner - I barely check my email anymore. I'mma whore some of these out to tumblr.


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