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Madame Alexander at McDonalds

If you never outgrew those McDonalds happy meals and the toys they came with, you'd be interested to know that the Madame Alexander dolls are at McDonalds once again.  These are the perfect 4" miniature versions of the originals with eyes that also open and close.

I collected these many years ago just cuz they're so damn cute!  I even had a mini christmas tree one year with nothing but mini Madame Alexander dolls as ornaments.  But it came to a point when I didn't eat at McDonalds too often anymore.  I didn't always know when the dolls were released so I eventually stopped collecting them.  The other day, my partner and I ate at McDonalds and there they were!  I simply couldn't resist!


  1. ok, so it wasn't my dream. I thought I saw the poster of Madame Alexander dolls in front of McDonald yesterday :D
    Prince Charming is so cute! I will run to the store as soon as possible!


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