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Miniature Monday #4

I've previously mentioned my love for weapons in this blog.  Don't get me wrong; I'm against violence.  But I always thought weaponry was interesting.  Learning to use one would be totally cool.  Since my dolls can do everything ( least everything I tell them to do), for now, I live vicariously through them and their inborn talents in using weapons.

Today's featured miniatures are two toy handguns that I found at a joke shop while searching for booby prizes for the summer get-together at my place this coming weekend.  I immediately thought of my AvantGuard doll, Zef Almondy (my only other doll with a surname, named after a delicious almond pie I get at Ikea).

They're not perfectly to scale with my 16" doll, slightly larger, but they come very close, as you can tell by Zef's hands, and that's good enough for me.

Both guns originally had orange caps at the tip, like all toy guns have, that I had chipped off for a more realistic look.  They also both came with key rings to slip on through the little hoops at the handle.  As you can see, I've already begun taking one of the loops off with a cutter, again for realism.  It still needs some sanding but will do for now.

No, she's not Evelyn Salt....She's Zef Almondy.  :)


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