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Road Trip Adventure 2010

I'm back...and with pictures to share!  So this was the first time my partner and I have taken a long road trip to visit family in New Jersey from Toronto, Canada.  I can't say it was the most beautiful day to travel because the grey clouds were floating all around but it was dry for the most part, just less sunnier than I would have liked.

Here are the girls who joined the road trip:

Doll #1: Zef Almondy.
I simply couldn't leave her behind.  She wouldn't allow it anyway.

Dolls #2-3-4: (from left to right) Wolfe, Syren, Lil Nunu
Little Nunu was my original travel doll.  Her first road trip was last year when we went to Montreal.  This year, she wanted to bring friends along so Wolfe excitedly joined, along with Lil Nunu's older sister, Syren.

Doll #5: (hybrid) Bella
What travel doll group would be complete without a barbie!  I decided to bring my Bella doll who's on an articulated Liv doll body for better picture poses.


Here they all are at a McDonald's parking lot stopover to eat our homemade sandwiches.  Neither me nor my partner are McDonald's fans but it was the nearest exit at lunchtime so there we were!

More doll adventure pics tomorrow so make sure to check back soon!