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Shiny New Sooki

As promised, I will be posting individual shots of my new Vintage Vinyl Dynamite Girls in the next little while.  Since Sooki looks the most like her old self, I thought I'd start with her.

I must say I was slightly shocked by the hair when I saw her.  The promo pic had wavy hair, not snake-like hair or 'medusa-esque' as others have critiqued.  You do get used to it after looking at her for some time but I don't know if I'm totally convinced.  I still have this itch to wash it off and soften the curls.

Ok, so the new DG girls are obviously slightly taller because of their new legs, judging from the photo above of the old and the new Sooki together.  The new head looks bigger too but I think I'm imagining things because of the big hair.

The new Sooki also has a more prominent nose as opposed to the original Sooki's button nose.  Her lips are ever-so-slightly more puckered out.  And she's tanned whereas old Sooki is fair-skinned for that Wednesday Adams look.

One thing I noticed about my new doll is she's got a bit of a shiny face and hands.  You can kinda see it from her nose on the photos I've taken.  My other Vintage Vinyl DG's all had a matte look.  I can't be too sure if it's just my doll with this issue but I've seen other photos elsewhere and I noticed the same thing on some of them.

Overall, the new Sooki is cute.  If I had to choose though, I think I prefer my old Sooki better.  Maybe I'm just biased because she's one of my first two DG girls.