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Sweet Sweet Reese

I'm very excited to share this girl.  Reese is my favorite from the Vintage Vinyl DG line this year.  There are three Reese incarnations before her but she's the only one that captured me.

Her expression is just so sweet.  She looks like she's got a sweet tooth herself; you just wanna hand her a Reese peanut buttercup.

I mentioned before when I first saw her promo pics that she had reminded me of a black Francie doll.  I still kind of think so.  Even though she doesn't look like Francie, she has the same cuteness about her and the outfit looks like something I would dress my Francie in.

She originally came with blue slingback shoes but they weren't fitting her too well because of the socks so I switched it to the pink pumps that Gavin was originally wearing since she didn't have socks on.  I found that none of the new DG shoes were fitting snuggly.  They were either too loose or too tight that I had to switch them all around for my own satisfaction.  Fortunately, I like the pink shoes on Reese just fine.


  1. She does have that Francie charm! Congrats! I would love to have one too!


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