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Zef's Transformation

The only Avantguard doll in my collection, Zef, had yet another transformation during a quick stay in NJ.

She's wearing a wig I had gotten at MFD on my birthday in June and an absolutely gorgeous Jade Penni Creation dress that I had purchased on ebay a few months back.  I had been picturing her on this outfit in a nature setting for quite some time.  But because I don't have a backyard I couldn't shoot what I had in mind.

The opportunity presented itself when I saw my parents' yard in NJ.  I think I managed to accomplish that magical forest setting I had been thinking about.  What a difference a wig and a new outfit makes on this doll.  I love her so much!


  1. Great pictures. They really do capture the magical forest feel. She could be from Lord of the Ring or Camelot. The eys shadow compliments with the dress. The lighting is sooo much better on outdoor shots.


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