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Cuteness Aplenty

Cute things have always had a hold over me.  I absolutely love 'em.  For years and years, I've known of the Build-a-Bear Workshop and the overflowing cuteness factor that it offers but I never took the plunge.  This year is the year I caved!  As a child who partially grew up in Asia, I'm all too familiar with all things cute, like the Sanrio characters, more popularly known as Hello Kitty and friends.  Honestly, I wasn't a big fan of Hello Kitty but I always thought her friends like My Melody and Keroppi were eye candy for cuteness!

Last month, when I visited a Build-a-Bear Workshop in New Jersey and saw Sanrio characters being offered, nostalgia was all it took to finally take home my very own Build-a-Bear plush toy.  Ironically, I chose Hello Kitty.  Granted, she was the toasted colored one, or the tropical version, she was still Hello Kitty.  I've finally uncovered my love for this mouthless cat that I thought never existed!

Fast forward to September, and I'm now a proud owner of two Hello Kitty Build-a-Bears, one toasty, one non-toasty!

If you're a doll collector like I am who likes to dress and redress your dolls, you might understand the appeal of these stuffed animals.  Build-a-Bear Workshop offers a variety of clothing and accessories for these babies.  I already confess to be a hoarder of such things for my dolls so the fun factor is definitely there.  The only difference is these kitties are huggable while my fashion dolls demand to be admired from afar.  And they're just too cute!  My partner is just as hooked on them as I am!  We're already wondering what they should wear for Halloween!

To see more of my freshly discovered Hello Kitty madness with Little Nunu as my kitties' fearless leader and guardian, visit my Sanrio blog by clicking HERE.


  1. OMG! I went there last weekend, LOL! I got a bear! He's dressed in a hoodie and his name is BearBear...real original, right?

  2. Dont feel bad MJ. My first Barbie's name was Barbie! I guess great minds think alike!


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