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Mad Men...Finally

I just got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday.  I haven't had any good food since so I'm crabby.  I look like a chipmunk with my swollen face and I'm not really up for any vigorous activity...or any sort of activity at the moment.  Luckily, I'd managed to take a few pics of my Mad Men dolls last weekend so they are finally making their appearance on my blog!

With the Roger Sterling doll dismay now in the past, I can finally enjoy my Mad Men dolls in its entirety.  I'm not usually a completist when it comes to a doll series but this set I had to have.

I've seen a couple of episodes of Mad Men.  I don't like the t.v. show.  I just really liked the dolls and their 60's look, from the first time I laid eyes on their promo pics.  Other than Roger's mishap, I'm happy to say, the dolls are pretty much as advertised.  There is nothing more annoying than getting a doll that looks extremely different from what was promoted.

Plus, there hasn't been a silkstone Ken released in the past few years.  While I don't collect Ken dolls for the most part, Fashion Insider Ken is one of the first two silkstones that got me back into doll collecting so I've always had a soft spot for silkstone Ken. has just sent me an email that there will be a Mad Men photo contest being held from now until the 10th of October.  All you have to do is send an awesome picture that you took of any or all of your Mad Men dolls in their Mad Men inspired setting by the deadline and you could win some fabulous prizes.....Of course, Canadians are shafted once again since this contest is only for U.S. residents....Why they even bothered sending me the email is beyond my understanding....But I'm not bitter!


  1. the one in the black suit looks like Mr. Jay of the americas next top model...hehehe


    1. These dolls are actually leaning on a white backdrop. Some are just angled to look like they are posing without stands but they're actually leaning on the dolls behind them. Hope that made sense.


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