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Miniature Monday #5: Barbie Basics Shoe Pack

It's been awhile since the last Miniature Monday.  Today, I'm excited to share one of my latest acquisitions: the Barbie Basics shoe pack.  The Barbie Basics dolls never really appealed to me but as soon as I saw those zebra shoes, I had to have the shoe pack.

That's right!  I really only got the shoe pack for this particular pair.  Isn't that nuts?  I just think it's too cool to pass.  They're slightly squishy too so they're not so abrasive on those tiny doll feet.  Now I've got all these other shoes lying around...Well, here's Eden modelling the zebras!

And here she is with another pair from the shoe pack, just to let you know that there are other shoes in that package that aren't so bad.  The paint job on them, overall, are not of the greatest quality but they'll do.


  1. I have seen that shoe pack! They are great. I love both the outfits you have them with but I really think the zebra shoes need a Diane von Furstenberg dress!


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