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Miniature Monday #6: Tea Time Edition I

Tea sets are probably the most basic miniatures a doll owner of any age could use for imaginative play.  Most of us has poured a cup of tea or two for our dolls and bears as a child, I'm sure.  As an adult, I never lost my soft spot for mini tea sets.

Years ago, as I had done my regular stroll to a toy store, I found a mini tea time tableware creativity kit.  The kit came with a plain white ceramic tea set and some paint.  I was feeling very creative so I went ahead and bought it.

I actually baked this set in the oven after the paint dried.  Apparently, baking it makes the colour brighter and more permanent.  I didn't really see much of a difference.  There are also four larger plates that came with this set but I never got the chance to paint them because the kit didn't have enough paint.  I had originally wanted to paint the entire surface of the large plates you see in the picture but the lack of paint forced me to be more creative, thus, the bear face on both the plates and the's a bear....

The picture above shows one of my anime doll plushies named Doremi.  She's about 17" tall so it gives you an idea about the scale of this tea set.  It's quite big for a fashion doll collector like myself so I craved to paint something smaller.  I looked around and found the tinier version of the creativity kit not long after.

The set was harder to paint because of its teeny size and yet it's still not quite to scale with Barbie and friends.  My one and only AvantGuard doll, who's bigger than the rest of my fashion dolls, has decided to claim it instead.

These tea sets were really fun to do.  The imperfections on each of the pieces just makes it even more personal and most definitely one of a kind.


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