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Miniature Monday #7: Tea Time Edition II

In continuation from last week's Miniature Monday is a tea set that was given to me as a child for New Year's by the very same aunt who gave me my first Barbie.

This is one of my most cherished toys and really the only childhood toy left in my possession.  When my family moved to Canada, I hadn't thought of bringing all my stuff with me, thinking they would always be there when I come to visit the homeland.  Alas, my stupidity left me with nothing.  It was my refusal to leave behind a highly breakable toy that saved the tea set from doom.  Yes, a piece has broken before...thanks to my two-year-old little sister at the time.  That's why the pot has major cracks on it.  Thank the heavens above to super glue!

Also not quite to scale with fashion dolls...It's ever so slightly larger, as you can tell with Francie above, next to it.  But it does make for a good prop in a doll photo.


  1. I love the tea set. I'm glad you were able to keep it. I don't have any toys from my childhood. I have had to repurchase them. I love your Francie in the kimono. Is she vintage?

  2. Yes Francie is vintage. If my memory serves me right she was a beat up bend-leg Francie. I've rebodied her on a nicer straight-leg body as soon as I found one. Her face has some spots that aren't too obvious in pictures even though she's been repainted. But she's well-loved in my house despite her flaws.


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