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Vintage Vinyl Dynamite Girls Continued

This is long overdue so the two are sharing a blog entry.  Better late than never.
Presenting Vintage Vinyl Gavin and Rufus...

I hadn't planned on getting these two originally.  But I never had a Gavin before so I gave her a chance.  She reminds me of FR Misaki's friend, Amelie.  I think she's adorable.  Rufus, in particular, was not on my wishlist because I just wasn't too keen on her new look.  I was pretty partial to my Electropop version with the blue hair.  However, I really liked her outfit on the Vintage Vinyl collection so I said, what the hey, I'll give her a chance too.  I'm glad I did because I think she's much cuter than her promo pics.

I'm really loving the look of the Dynamite Girls this year.  Their face sculpts are cuter and I love cute!  Their outfits seem to be of better quality and those new legs are just more aesthetically pleasing.  I recently got news about a winter collection of three DGs, Aria, Eltin and a newcomer named Neve.  All include new face sculpts as well.  Because the Vintage Vinyl collection was such a hit in my books, I can't wait for those to come out later this September/October!


  1. I think they are both lovely! Great photos!

  2. I want to have Gavin so much!
    why I can't find her on eBay? :(
    Great blog!
    come and see mine! :)


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