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Winning Ensemble FR Fashion

Just got this ensemble last Wednesday and thought I'd try it on Tricks of the Trade Eugenia.  I was also playing with darker lighting so these pics are softer and darker than usual.

The ensemble is a perfect fit on her.  I love the jacket and I think the napkin on her head looks better with a veil attached than just a plain napkin.  Hahaha!  Honestly, she kinda looks like she's about to fashionably attend a funeral with the jacket, the veil and the shoes being completely black.  Fortunately, the dress inside has a splash of soft rose pink and blue.  Not that I mind the black.  I love black.  In fact, what attracted me to this outfit was the black jacket.  I might have to try this ensemble on Lilith or Eden during the weekend.

The outfit also comes with a pair of earrings and a bracelet.  The bracelet would have been a nice touch if it didn't fall off so easily.  Oh and if you notice, I've finally taken Eugenia's hair down.  I like her much better this way.