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Wizard of Oz, Vintage Inspired

I can't say the movie ranks in my favorites list but the doll interpretations of Wizard of Oz characters have always been eye-catching to me.  I've seen various Mattel incarnations through the years but so far the most recent vintage-inspired ones take the least to me they do.  It could be my preference for the 1959 head mold or my fascination with owning a green doll but the Wicked Witch had to come home with me along with the 'ying to her yang', Glinda, the good witch.

To compare with Mattel's older version, I've photographed them together.  As you can see below, they are much cuter than before.  While the older versions stay truer to the costumes in the 1939 movie, the newer ones rather remind me more of lolita style, a Japanese fashion style that's somewhat Victorian-influenced with a gothic cute element in the mix.

Whatever the case may be, I'm really loving the new Wicked Witch's shade of green!  She almost looks like she can glow in the dark.  And I'm loving the fact that Glinda's attire is not so outwardly pink.  The pastel shade is much more pleasing to the eye.  Even the yellow brick road stand they come with is charming!


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