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Fashionably Feline

I'd been wanting to share this outfit for a while now but never found the right model for it.  Honestly, animal prints are not exactly my thing.  I love big cats...not house cats but tigers and such...I just don't like their skin prints on my clothing.  Of course, if you'd been following my blog for some time you would have eventually realized my dolls tend to have things I normally wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole in real life.  Dresses, for'd have to pay me to see me wearing one!  Hahaha!

Anyway, what first attracted me to the outfit in discussion is actually the jacket.  I love long coats and this one sorta reminds me of The Matrix.  I had gotten this from Ebay late last year, pre-Fashion Royalty days, but I could no longer track her seller name so I guess it's not really worth mentioning.

Because it was pre-FR days when I purchased this, I wanted to put this outfit on a silkstone at first but no silkie had enough attitude for it.  And so, here's Eugenia, hear her roar!


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