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Jonathan Adler Doll

Ok, to make the long story short, I ordered two JA dolls strictly for the lamps, as well as the JA couch set from during what their site calls a "dream sale" at the end of September and my package didn't come during their allotted shipping time so they express shipped an identical order for me last Tuesday.  I got a notice in the mail and picked it up this afternoon from the postoffice after work.  Considering the horror stories about customer service that I've read from various members of the Barbie Collector forum, I've always been treated well by the Barbie Collector customer service reps despite their fuck-ups on doll orders and such...Pardon my language!  To ship an identical order, no questions asked is what I call customer service!  As it stands, I might end up receiving the same order some time in the future that I will have to return to Barbie Collector because my conscience will not let me keep them.

And so, I've enjoyed an afternoon opening packages like it's Christmas morning and boy, have I got some Miniature Monday miniatures to share on Monday!

Today though is just a sharing of my new doll who I've already beheaded and stuck on an articulated Barbie Fashionista body for better posing purposes on dolly photo shoots.  Jonathan Adler Barbie looks like a typical blonde Barbie as the quick nakey snapshot of her shows.  Hopefully I'll grow to love her after dressing her back up and taking some dolly shots.