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Little Apple Dolls: Circe

I would like introduce a doll that temporarily deflected my fashion doll purchasing tendencies at one point in time.  Her name is Circe and she is one of the Little Apple Dolls, series 1, a present from a former good friend and the first in my Little Apple Doll collection.

Little Apple Dolls, created by Ufuoma Urie, are 14" dolls with the same blank faces and sunken black eyes that are differentiated from each other through their clothing fashioned by a very strong Japanese influence.  Their uniqueness go further than their looks in that they all come with their own names, individual story lines and of course a perfect little apple with metal pins you can choose to imbed upon it....And you will want to poke it with pins!

It's very unfortunate that the production of these dolls have been stopped indefinitely for years now due to the lack of profitability, according to its official toy distributor, Underground Toys.  That's really too bad!  I thought Ufuoma Urie was a brilliant artist.  Each series that she released was more interesting than the last and their stories were getting better and better.  Well, I don't have all of the dolls but I do have most of them and I still find them captivating to this day.  There were four series officially released and a few convention exclusives on the side.  The fifth series had two promising dolls that never went out into the market....That still annoys me today!

Ok, so in hopes of keeping this blog and the Little Apple Dolls alive for years to come, I have decided to share a Little Apple Doll story every year during Halloween.  Because Circe was my first, her story will be shared first.

As an introduction, Little Apple dolls are children of the in between place, neither living nor dead.  Little Apple Red, the apple that comes with every doll, is their guardian to the in between place.

Circe was a child born from the forbidden union of the sun god and a water nymph.  Spirits of both the ocean and sky had eventually locked away Circe's parents to keep them from each other and cursed the infant that was prophesied to be the bringer of chaos should the sky and ocean ever form a union.  The angry spirits who decided to spare Circe's life instead damned her to die a human death by both fire and water.  She was raised by village women after she was found by the fishermen near the woods by a lake.  As a child, she was deemed an oddity by both the children and every other village folk for her shady past, pale skin and introverted nature.  One day, unaware of her own gifts, as she was being bullied by the other children, she accidentally turned them into cats.  The village women who witnessed this were enraged, set her aflame and thereafter threw her into the lake.  At the bottom of the lake Circe found Little Apple Red waiting for her and was no longer scared.  The End.

Can't wait until next Halloween for another Little Apple Doll story?  Check out this SITE for more information.

Happy Halloween Everybody!